The Cat Empire - Sunny Moon chords

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This song isn't meant to be played on a guitar.  It needs a lot of horns and 
a piano, etc.  That being said, this tab is pretty close and doesn't sound 
half bad.

Sunny Moon
Cat Empire
Tabbed by Madcap

D                            G
I climb the ladder of those black and white keys
They take me out and into places some are real some are imaginary
E                               A
And though she sways between a mystery and light
A  G
She walks with me, she walks with me alone into the night
G F#
B         A   G
Tonight I see the sunny moon is rising again
F#                        Bm               
Three seasons passed since you were here then disappeared a friend
A    G      D
Yet now exploded from it's dream back in that place oh how it beams
A Bm       
And I see that you were glowing in the shadows
                     A     G
And you've been here all along
Ah you never left my side and now I feel my arms grow
A                  F#

Solo Bm   A  Bm    A   Bm   A  G  
   (A)  Bm  A   Bm   A  Bm  A  G

 G                                  D
You may forget the details and you can forget the dates but never
A                           Bm
Forget the moment when the light revealed her face
G                                   Bm           Fm
To be poor by lack of money but by god be rich in prize
Bm       F#      G
I found my youths desire dark within her eyes
And the tent kept breathing something and then she cried 
'Hold on we're going somewhere else tonight
We're going somewhere else tonight baby yeh! 


And my friends they are the heroes of the lonliness that's life
And though everyone has a weakness only some they are defiant
While most of us can see only a few have the gift of sight
Would you walk with me
Would you walk with me alone into the night
The sun is set


You can make the song sound a lot better if you play more than just the
chors.  I'm not going to tab out how I play it, make it your own.  It will 
never sound the same with just a guitar anyway, so jazz it up a bit.
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