The Click Five - I Quit I Quit I Quit chords

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intro: guitar 1: D G A D (2x)

guitar 1: D G                             A D              (2x)
guitar 2: (slide up to) e-10-10-10-10-10 (slide back down) (2x)

Verse 1:
D  G        A  G    
     I quit      my old ways
D  G              A        D
     I quit ignoriní all the things you say
D  G                  A  G
     Quit gettiní high     Stayiní out all night
G                           E
  I quit to keep you from lettiní me go
G                       E
You say itís over, but Iím sayiní no!

D  G                 A    D
    I quit! I quit! I quit!
               D         G
But I ainít giviní you up
                         A     D 
You got that somethiní that I canít get enough of
D  G                  A   Bm   
    Iíd give you anything but I ainít giviní you up
Em          F#m             G  
  Either way, youíre the fix
Thatís why I quit! I quit! I quit!

intro 2X

Verse 2: (chords same as first verse)
Give me another shot
Forgive me baby for the things I forgot
Iíll never be in your magazines
They got two reasons for leaviní me flat
But I got a big one for takiní me back

Bm         C            G
  If you knew I could change
           Em        Bm
Would it change anything?
You saw right through
      G                   A 
You knew and now youíre gone
Now youíre gone.........

Chorus: (2x)
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