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The Cloud Room - O My Love tab

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here is the highly infectious O My Love formt the cloud room
the corrected version
tabbed by Ange STella

Intro- F, F/D

Verses- F, F/D, F/E, Bb (on second time after Bbm, go to F)

Chorus 1- Cm, Gm, Bb, Am, Gm, Am, Gm
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Chorus 2- Cm, Gm, Bb, Am, Gm, Am, Gm, Am, Gm

Outro- F

thats it. in the cloud rooms words at the end of the song.ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
here are the lyrics
Love, my love, O my, O my love
When this song is old and gray, will you stay my love, O my love

O won't you come on home, we miss you so much, we miss you so damn much

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