The Cog Is Dead - Let Me Be Your Man tab

Let Me Be Your Man


     S S S S Q    S S S S E.  S    E  E  E  E  H                         

 C                  A  
Honey, I've known you for quite a while
    D                             G
My heart gets all aflutter every time I see you smile
  C                 A
Darlin', won't you let me hold your hand
 D                 G        C
And say that I can be your man

Baby, what you see is what you get
I don't have any secrets though I've got a few regrets
But, if you give me half a chance
Then maybe I could be your man


 A                             D 
Every night I'll read to you from the holy word
   G                              C
Before I pray I'll talk to you so all your thoughts are heard
        A                                D
I'll scrub the toilet and I'll wash the dishes in the sink
      G                                G
I'll even rub your feet each night (No matter if they stink)

Sweetheart, I am not a perfect man
But I give you my word that I will do the best I can
So, tell me that you'll understand
And say you'll let me be your man
Here we go!

Oh yeah

Honey, I would hate to make you blue
And it's the case maybe, perhaps, I'm not the man for you
But, if you're thinking that I am
Then baby let me be your man
Say you'll let me be your man
I would love to be your man
(Be your man)
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