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The Collection - Seeds chords

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I have heard you singing all of those same words for so long,
but they don't make it past my will
I had thought that I could change the whole world with my songs,
but I can't even make my mind up
on who you are so
please come back, I am getting so off track walking down the road without knowing 
exactly where I'm
Please stay here, though you are what I fear, I have taken this whole year to realize 
that I don't know a

I have told the mountains to fall into the sea, they don't budge; I guess my faith isn't 
big enough
but if you could just see a little mustard seed in me, would you make it grow into your kingdom?
so light my way and tell me what to say, I have been too scared to wait and see what 
happens if I obey but please be peace and make this heart at ease; I have shaken till the 
leaves fall off and make the ground so dirty

so let me go, I forgot to let you know that I walk to and fro when I'm nervous and I 
don't know who you are
hold on, and don't let me become gone, I have missed you for so long and you're the only 
one that makes sense in this world
(end on C)
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