The Constantines - St You chords

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Follow this picking pattern on the barre chords:


Sweet girl in the diamond cut dress

          D            C      A
She's the queen of the broken hearts

A                      D      A 
I'm going to milk that poison tongue

       B            D       A
And go blind in the lovers' march

B       F#         A
Who you calling on? 

B     F#         A
Who's callin' you? 

B             F#         A
I'm soaked in kerosene

           B            F#    A
This is no gentleman's blues

          B              F#
Emptied a pocket full of pennies

Wading in the well

B              F#                A
Hoping that my hook scraped your tooth

     B             F#                     A
In a city that was hung by that old devil moon

B          F#               A
I scaled a steet called St. You

Baby bled on all my keys

    D      C        A 
She set my strings ablaze

A                                   D        A
Saying 'sweetheart you ask too many questions

     D            C           A
It's never just a pretty face

B       F#         A
Who you callin' on? 

B     F#         A
Who's callin' you? 

B              F#                     A
They might say love has a tigger finger

B           F#              A
They might call me a fool

B               F#                A
Keep on keeping your love captive 

B       F#            A
In them hollow tombs

B       F#         A
I'm still swingin' 

       B   F#       A
On the cross of St. You 
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