The Coronas - Listen Dear chords

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Intro :Fadd9 / Am7 / G / / / x4

Fadd9   Am7           G  
Listen dear thereís so much to say
Fadd9           Am7                 G  
A thousand words couldnít help me explain
Fadd9             Am7         G  
I now youíre scared it wonít be the same
Fadd9            Am7        G  
But I promise you Iíll always remain
Fadd9        Am7      G  
The best of me is seen by your side
Fadd9         Am7     G  
The best of you I just canít decide
Fadd9              Am7           G  
You seek the world such a traveler at heart
Fadd9              Am7               G                 Dm7
Ten thousand miles couldnít tear us apart
                          G                             Am7
So please donít go my heart grows cold
                                                 C            C/B                    Dm7
At the thought youíre out of sight but never off my mind
               G                              Am7                G       Fadd9 / Am7 / G / / / x4
Now I know that the hardest part was just watching you go

Fadd9   Am7           G  
Listen dear please let me explain
Fadd9                    Am7                  G  
Thereís so much wrong but thereís no one to blame
Fadd9     Am7            G  
I find it hard that we left it so well
Fadd9        Am7             G  
Itís just a break not an end in itself
Fadd9      Am7              G  
Iím so naive that I thought Iíd be fine
Fadd9              Am7       G  
Youíre coming home in 8 months time
Fadd9           Am7              G  
And as they said it will make us so strong
Fadd9          Am7      G                Dm7
But just a day is a day too long
So please donít goÖ
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