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The Coronas - Three Years Too Late tab

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Tuning: DAGDAd
Capo 7th fret 
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         D       D/C#          D/F#     G         Bm       Em7 
d 1st----0---------0------------0-------0---------0---------0
A 2nd----0---------0------------0-------0---------0---------0
G 3rd----2---------2------------2-------0---------4---------0
D 4th----0---------0------------0-------0---------4---------0
A 5th----0---------4------------0-------5---------2---------2
D 6th----0---------x------------4-------5---------x---------2
Verse and chorus:
D D/C# D/F# G Bm D/F# Em7 A x2
Em7 D/F# G D/F#
Em7 D/F# G A 
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