The Cowsills - We Can Fly chords

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We Can Fly:The Cowsills.
#21 in 1968.

F                              Gm
See how the fluffy clouds move by us,
C7                      F
see how the clouds move by?
F                            Gm                    
See how the morning mist can hide us away,
Bbm                                     F        C
hide us away and how the day is so much fun? Oh, oh.

F                    Gm        C7         F
Isn't it groovy in a daydream, dreamin' today?
F                                        Gm
Doesn't the day seem like it could never end?
Bbm                      F A Dm F
And so, my friend, we're

Bb         C          Bb             C
Baby, it's funny how..I can  feel so sunny,
Bb            C               F
when you're beside me, we can fly.


F                              Gm      
Hey, Mister Wind, just keep on sailin', 
C7               F
keep us sailin' along..
F                             Gm
high in the sky there's no curtailing our fun,
yes, we'll have fun..
Bbm              F        A
so everyone come on, hey, you on the ground,
Dm                 F7
take a look up and see what we've found.
Bb         C       Bb                   C
Nothing to tie us, bluebirds come up to guide us,
Bb            C               F                 Gm  C
when you're beside me, we can fl..y, oh, we can fl..y.

C                                              F
We can fly, hey, everyone on the ground, let's fl...y.

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.
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