The Crabb Family - Soldier On His Knees chords

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Song: Soldier on His Knees
Artist: The Crabb Family

tabbed by: polk16_chris
tuning: capo 4th fret


Capo: 4th fret

Intro: C,G,D,G x2

(1st Verse)

G                                            C      
What an honor to be called a Soldier of the Cross,
G                                                  C
An army that has never turned back never suffered loss.
Am                           C
Our weapons are not carnal, our strong holds you can't see.
Am                        C                    D
This army becomes mighty, by time spent on our knees.

G                   G/F#            C                D     
I'm not ashamed for you to see this soldier on his knees.
G              G/F#          C             D
You might even see a tear or hear a humble plea.
Em                                  C                    
Some may call it weakness, some may question my strength.
       G        G/F#    Em             D
Oh but you must see the power's not of me.
C             D
I prepare for battle on my knees.

(intro) (start the intro when he says knees)

(2nd Verse)
I've watched mothers pray for children
so lost and full of sin, and
Em                                     C
I see those same prayers answered as the spirit brought them in,
Em                            C
and I have watched ol' Satan like a dark cloud hanging over, but
       A/D                          D
when I plead the blood of Jesus the clouds were there no more.

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