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The Dear Hunter - What It Means To Be Alone chords

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This song is off of Act III: Life and Death by The Dear Hunter

Personally, this is my favorite song off the new album, and I find the album absolutely 
 After Act I came out, I didn't think they could top it.  They topped it with Act II 
and after that came out, I was almost positive they couldn't beat that.  I was wrong.

It proved to be a little bit more difficult to figure this out than I anticipated, so if 
are any corrections just let me know.  But, I'm pretty sure that this is correct as it 

|--What It Means to Be Alone--|

F            Gm
Oh, you were born with the sun

    F            Gm
And oh, you will die with the moon

    F                                  Gm
And everything you thought you had you lost

    F                                   Gm
But now you'd never lose what you don't have


Bb           C            F        A     B
Prayers from above, never answered quite enough

        Gm           Bbm     F
Now the only one you have is you


F         Cm
With this cruel and bitter heart

You were cold and in love

Left here naked in the sun

F                    Cm
Run scared from this cruel and bitter world

         Bb                G#
This has only begun as the bombs are busting off


Bbm            Fm
Smoke arose on azimuth glares

Bbm                Fm           Eb
Bodies brewed and frigid winter air

      Bbm                Fm     Eb            Bbm
Where families son's are robbed beneath their feet

    Fm     Eb       Bbm          Fm    Eb   
And hearts concede "Ab Ovo," the angel sings "Ad astra"

    Fm          Eb      Bbm
Our eyes to the sea, we thought that we had

  Fm        Eb             Fm
A cause for suffering, and reason not to die alone

Oh but

*Repeat Chorus*

Fm                            Bbm
With our feet beneath us, and our hands to the sky

   C#                        B        B     B/C
We extend our limbs begging "why, oh, why?"

           Bbm    Fm    Bbm   Fm  Eb
Don't turn away

G#   C#   Fm  Eb  C#  C#/C

*Repeat Pre-Chorus*

Bb           C           F        A     Bb
Prayers from above never answered quite enough

Gm      C         F       A       Bb
Looking up, never offered you too much

        Gm           Bbm
Now the only one you have is...
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