The Devil Makes Three - Chained To The Couch chords

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Basic chord progression:

        A       Am      F       E

           A                    Am
Well its hot like ouch and Im chained to the couch
       F               E
And my brain spits bad ideas out of my mouth
       A              Am             F                    E
Like a thousand words circuits burst crowd screaming hear comes the hearse
        A           Am                     F               E
And Im jumping now out of my chest as the crowds begin to scream


A                 Am        F                      E
     When I was a young one they told me I left my rights at the door and
A              Am            F                  E
     As I grow older this becomes true more and more


       F                 E               A     Am
I aint got no tears aint got no tears no more
       F                 E               A     Am
I aint got no tears aint got no tears no more
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