The Dirty Guvnahs - Blue Rose Stroll chords

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Intro: D, F#m, G, E, G, A, D


D                           F#m
Down at the Blue Rose Stroll, well they like to shake a thing
           G                       E
Looks like a bunch of monkeys on a tight rope string
          G                  A                  D
And you know, that Madeline will do you right
D                             F#m
From Tuscaloosa, Alabama to Theta, Tennessee
         G                    E                                 G
Oh, the juke is always jumpin when the people start the dee
A                          D
So grab your neighbor and get on in line


G                         A
Tell your mama, and tell your daddy
 D                          G
that you're never coming home
G                              A                       D             D
You're gonna lay the licks and get your fix down on the floor
G                            A
If you got a dollar lay it down
D                                G 
And tell your baby, "Spin me around!"
G                           A                  D                 D
You gotta move your feet if you wanna make it out alive

 D                              F#m
You know the rich folks, they can't dance like us
 G                                  E
They holler so much, but they can't ride the bus
 G                   A                              D
And you know, my baby's riding for free
 D                                     F#m
Well they keep on keepin' but don't know what's going on
 G                                  E                         G
Down here in the holler, where the whiskey people roam
 A                  D
That's where I wanna be


Solo (Same as Verse)

Chorus x 2
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