The Dirty Guvnahs - Born To Thieves chords

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                        Born To Thieves - The Dirty Guvnahs
Tabbed by: MagicBear

Tuning: Standard

Intro: A     Asus4 x4

Verse 1:
A         Asus4  A                   Asus4 
fortunately, I was born to thieves

A                    Asus4     A 
in a rage that was colored in shine

G                        D
nightingales are not for sale

to my demise

Verse 2:
A             Asus4  A                Asus4
i grin and bare, but my feelings show

A         Asus4      A          
a boy is out in the cold

G                         D
its hard to show your teeth

when youre feeling old

they made a mess

but we can clean it up

A          G          D
dont you hold out on me

just give me your arm

and dont apologize

A       G                  D 
for the things that theyve done

Verse 3:
A      Asus4   A               Asus4        
fantasy is the strangest thing

A              Asus4    A             
when your name has been replaced

G                        D                      A
nights like these will make me sleep for days

Verse 4:
A            Asus4   A           Asus4
im a citizen in a foreign place

A              Asus4      A
ive abandoned by my rights

G               D
a basket and a baby 

on the riverside


Repeat Verse 4.
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