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The Dirty Guvnahs - Well Be The Light chords

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                             Well Be The Light - The Dirty Guvnahs
Tabbed by: MagicBear

Tuning: Standard

Chords: All the chords can be played like normal but the E and Esus4 are better played up high.
      E       Esus4         

Intro: This riff is played throughout the verses, however, you can also just play 
the chords as listed. 

E                                       Esus4  
Summers gone but it wont take long to look back
E                          Esus4
My girl had a big sky to consume, yes she did

E                                    Esus4
And I cried, like a brother had been raised up from the pain again

E                                      Esus4
I found myself a way to fall for you

C#      A           E   
Put your hand in my pocket

C#           A         E  
Ill be your favorite song

C#           A             E       
Well be the light and the diamond as well

D                   A                          E
Need my name in the springtime, yes you will

Organ Solo, play intro riff twice.

Verse 2:

E                                        Esus4
Were learning to take our time with the ones we love

E                                Esus4                       
But time will tell if it makes a change

E                            Esus4
Arrived, but turning back to brave it all just for your hand

E                                      Esus4 
Ill do my best, right to be where you want to be, you want to be


Guitar Solo:

D  A  E

D  A  E
Play that progression 8 times.

While I do not have the solo tabbed out, it is in the key of Emaj.

Chorus x2

Thank you, email me with any questions.
-The Magic Bear  
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