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The Drop-out Record - The Killing tab

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The Drop-Out Record
The Killing
Hand Signal, Plane Crash EP

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

palm muted

C                       E 
You hit the nail on the head tonight 
D                             C
Everything you do is in spite
     E     D 
I'll be alright

C,E,D (4x)

Verse 1

C            E
How does she do this to me? 
D                            C
How have I fallen completely?
She's just a girl
But she's my world

C                   E
She reads books and I read hearts
    D                             C
The line we color in never starts 
            E                D
But she can kill me with her smile

I'd brush it off but I'd be in denial.

C,E,D (4x)

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G           D             C                   D
This is the killing and I don't know where to start
G               D                        C                     D
It troubles me, lack of complexity, that we would ever have to part
G           D        C               D
This is the killing, Control is only true
G                  D                        C          D 
When it belongs to someone and that someone isn't you

C,E,D (4x)

Verse 2

C             E
Her eyes were ocean green 
D                             C
Beautiful yet so damn obscene
The night could not be controlled 
       D                              C
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow
And I knew she was for me
    D                                    C
The way she spoke it was, it was so sweet
      E                 D
Akwardly, are you gonna kiss me?


C,E,D (4x)

C                       E
You hit the nail on the head tonight 
  D                                       C
I thought everything you did was in spite
    E     D
I'm not alright