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The Dutchess And The Duke - Ship Made Of Stone chords

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G         C         G
I see you walking my way
G           C            G
Wiping your lips on your sleeve
My eyes don't see what my heart knows so clearly
    G            C        G
And I don't know which to believe.
What if I'm wrong
              G      C G
And I let you fall?
If I play the game, girl
And I lose completely
    G          C          G
I'm better not playing at all.

(repeat chords)

You said you gave me your heart
But your eyes are betraying you
They poison your lips and they poison your kiss
And they dark everything that you do.

What if I'm wrong
And your love can still burn?
If it just ain't my time
Then I'll get back in line
And I'll wait for you 'til it's my turn.

Ah, ah, ah.

Anger when you turn away
You know my skin starts to crawl
Who's twisting the dagger so deep in my back
And nailing my heart to the wall?

What if I'm wrong
And I'm on my own?
Well, I'll just keep drifting
Into deeper waters 
And sink like a ship made of stone. 
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