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The Elected - Beautiful Rainbow tab

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F                 C
My love she, is a rainbow
Bb                     C
She moves from east to west
F                   C
My love she, is the wind blowing through
Bb             C
My heart in my chest
              Bb       C
And she's the sun, the afternoon
           F            D         Bb
I seen her shinning the whole day through

And you know something just changes
C              F
When you see a rainbow
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F                    C
Her smile, it is the ocean
Bb             C
Crashing on my eyes
F                     C
Her arms they are the oak trees
Bb                         C
And she's reaching for the sky
              Bb             C
And she's the lake under the moon
              F             D           Bb
I've seen her twinkling the whole night through

And you know something must be changing
C            F
Cuz i seen a rainbow
And i'd burn my old house down
I'd get tattooed
       F          D      Bb
I'd do whatever I had to do
           Bb                           C
And if the sky filled up with clouds of doom
        F               A      Bb
And the whole world was ending soon

Well I just couldn't get scared
C             F
Cuz I have my rainbow
    F   G   A   Bb
And I'd see her shinning right through
C                   F      Bb C F
Look, there goes my rainbow.
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