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The Elected - At Home Time Unknown tab

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Artist: The Elected
Song: At Home (time unknown)
Tab by: Barry Kaczor

This song is meant to be played on a ukulele, but here it is for guitar. You can use 
chords, but I like to play it higher up on the fretboard.

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F                A
"I realize why I cannot fly,"
         A#            C      F
said the bird with the broken wing
"though my lift is gone
   A        Dm
my voice is strong
    A#    C     F     F7
and I can still sing..."
oh, lovely, lovely
wanna keep me company
       F     Dm       C
when I got nowhere to be?
           F         A      Dm
you're the prettiest face I ever saw
A#   C       F  C F C F
this side of me!
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