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The Everybodyfields - Tva chords

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Capo 2nd Fret (all chords relative to capo)

Intro:  G C B Am C D

G                        C  B   Am
When I was a boy back in Te-nne-ssee
      C              D             G
I was told I was too young to understand.
G                            C   B   Am
But I can remember just like yes-ter-day,
         C                 D                G  
Watching daddys head sink deep down in his hands.

G                                 C   B     Am    
Walking down the road through the old drive-way,
  C            D                 G     
I remember the old house and the mud.
G                                 C   B    Am
The sun shines off the water some 300 feet away
        C               D        G      G
But the silo top sticks out 5 ft above.

We never talked about the week
Daddy had nothing to say,
   C     B    Am
So close your ears
       C   B  Am
Pretty Mother dear
    C         D   G
And damn that T.V.A.

(Repeat Intro)

Oh I dont need no dam, or no damn FDR,
Making power for some other factory.
They can have their reasons, whatever they are
And take them back to their authorities.

And god the father said Je-sus Christ
I dont know about this e-lectricity,
I use the day to steal the nights
And make my waters rise,
Theyre trying to take my job away from me.

We never talked about the week
Daddy had nothing to say
So close your ears
Pretty Mother dear
And damn that T.V.A.
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