The Everybodyfields - Fade Jeans Blue chords

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I'm not sure if this is correct, however the purpose of making it was moreso there was 
some documentation of this song in a permanent archive before its lost to the wind. It 
sounds right to me though, and The Everybodyfields tend to play pretty standard chords.

C         Am    G
Time cant turn around
G        C
Turn can time
   Am        G
To leave the ground
G            C   Am   G
Turn see the sun
F            Am           C      G
its hurts my ears coming down
G      C
coming down

C     Am   G
Fade jeans blue
G          C       Am
love turns away, it follows
G                      G
passing right through, coming for you
C       Am       G
with no face or shoes
F           Am             C       G
it hurts so much cause its true
G         C
cause its true
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