The Expendables - Wells chords

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The other version isn't necessarily wrong . . . I just think it's better this way. 
Standard tuning. Capo 3. All relative.

Main Riff  

(Chords if you'd rather)
E                A          
Can I draw some water babe
E          A
From your well
E                A          
Can I draw some water baby
E                A
'Cause mine has failed
E          A                
The bucket won't come up
E              A
No matter how hard I crank
E          A                
The bucket won't come up
E           A
I think it sank

E          B            A              E
I walk the road between your house and mine
E          B             A
I hope the bridge hasn't collapsed
E          B                     A        E
I hope the man at the gate will let me through
E           B             A
Unless he's holding on to you
A                         E
Holding on, holding on to you


Solo riff deal

Verse 2:
E            A
How has your garden grown
E                      A
Is there fruit on your tree
E             A
Do you need a laborer
E                A
To pull up those weeds
E          A
Oh I am so lonely babe
E                  A
In my house on the hill
E          A
Oh I am so lonely baby
E            A
This silence kills


Rap-thing . . . (same as main riff/verse)

Yeah, I want to hold you 
squeeze you 
Love you need you
Feel you touch you
Hear you say
Reaching me, you see? (not sure about that one)
Everywhere I turn
I need to know
Are you gonna wait
And be there when I get home
I'm crossing the break
A thousand miles of foam
If it's worth your wait
And the nights alone
So far from home
Girl you've grown
And changed so much
I love it all
What you were 
And who you are
And who you'll be
Only time will tell
But your wishing well is calling me
This water eased my pain and hurt
And only you can quench my thirst
So I'm working, I'm working
To bring it home 
Come on girl
Keep holding on

Verse 3:
E           A
I wish that I could sit
E                 A
In your garden again
E             A
And watch the stars at night
E         A
From your bed



Outro, just the main riff and fade

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