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The Extraordinaires - Ikua tab

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Ikua - The Extraordinaires

by Robert Mosolgo

Verse 1
     G             (Em)                C              Eb  D
Well I received my father's name and I wear it like a pin
   G             (Em)                  C              Eb D
He received his father's name like his father before him
      G            Em           C
So I'll just go on wearing this around
    G              Em            C   D
And show it off in every single town

         G                          Em                     C
And I'll climb this tree and let my legs hang free until I find
    Eb         D
the root of my family line.

(Now walk up the bass line from G to D, then play Eb D)

Verse 2:
Well I may be a city rat but cowboy's in my blood 
Ridin round on horseback with a lasso just because
A living breathing legend in his time
And I'll wrap this sandwich up in cellophane until we ride
Into my family's horizon line

C                  Cm
He went roaming in Wyoming 
G                     Em
horseback riding and cattle roping
C                      Cm
he roped that steer in record time
D                                  D7
they saw him as an outcast till he showed them how to ride


So I say, 
G      Em     C  D
G                  C             Eb   D     (G)
A living breathing legend in his ti i ime

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