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The Felice Brothers - Ruby Mae tab

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This is "Ruby Mae" by the Felice Brothers
As tabbed by, feel free to email questions, corrections, or tab requests

For the accordion arpeggios, play Em as 333453… think of it as Dm moved up a whole step
And the chord played in the beginning is a Bbm

Capo 4

Bm  D        A     D
Her name was Ruby Mae
Bm  D           A   D
She danced the cabaret
Em      A
Such a lovely
D    A    Em
Girl was she
G    A    D
That Ruby Mae

In the open window breeze
She pulled her stockings above her knees
Such a lovely girl was she
That Ruby Mae

Solo, same chords

On a lonely winter night
I followed her under Christmas lights
So low down was I
To Ruby Mae

Solo, same chords

In the bitter morning air
I hid her body there
In the heart of old Times Square
So she’d not lose her way

Her name was Ruby Mae
She danced the cabaret
Such a lovely girl was she...
G     A     D

Word of caution: this song does not work as a romantic overture or serenade.
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