The Felice Brothers - Steal A Memory chords

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Capo on 6

Am*    002213

Em           G
Steal a memory
Em                          G
I fell in love with a felonís daughter
Em                 G
A girl on a balcony
Em                                   G
A young runaway From Pittsfield, Georgia
C                    Am*         G
Babe, leave that railing be
F                        G
Your wings are frayed
                              Am*        G
And itís a long way down
C                          Am*            G
Come breakiní dawn weíll leave
              F           G           Am*
On the next bus out of town
Just you and me

Steal a memory
Your brown hair in the wind
The seat of our Mercury
Under the willow tree
I wonít be coming home this time
Home is too far down the road
Love will leave you by the highway side
But everybody knows itís worth the ride

Steal a memory
Me and my sweetheart walk past the tannery
Down to the railroad crossing
Donít be ashamed to cry
Let it downpour itís alright
I been afraid to die
Now I see I never lived before tonight
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