The Felice Brothers - Forever Green chords

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Easy but great tune! Enjoy!

Capo 2
Listen to the song for the strumming pattern.

C/G: 010233
F:   112300
C:   010230
G:   010023

Well my shirt is sweaty

In my smoky Chevrolet

C                  G
Reeling from cocaine.

I hear crickets talking

Now I hear pool stick chalkin'

C                          G
I must be in some bar room baby

[...and so on...]

Well the band that's following me
I can hear them hollerin
Dyin' to catch me

I could run forever
If you'd undo this leather
strapped around me

           F              C          G   
Chorus: Oh please take me up to your room

Your Grandma was a country singer

I'd love to have seen her

C                    G
Making some bar room swing

[...and so on...]

I can see you doing that
If you had a Stetson hat
And an electric guitar to sing with

May you stay forever green
Like the country between us
Far after our hands unfold

And I bid farewell
In that old stairwell
Leadin' to the narrow road

           F              C          G
Chorus: Oh please take me up to your room.

That's it!
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