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The Fiery Furnaces - Mason City tab

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			     Mason City-Fiery Furnaces
Album: Blueberry Boat
Transcribed by: Martin Mokran

   If you don't own this album already, BUY IT! They're one of the few bands today that 
tries something new, they could use the support.
-I'm certain of parts 1 and 3, but the second section of Part 2-"Up for shade on Crumb 
is a little odd. I'm not sure what chords to use to back it. If anyone figures it out 
me at and I'll correct it and give you props.
*the A might sound better barred, up to you

---------------------------Part 1--------------------------------------
C                  A
Came a card marked Mason City
F              C
From my forwarder.
C                    A
Shut the door, don’t let my dad see;
F                C
Read aloud dear sir:
F                                     G
Understanding you account an upright gent-
Bb                          C
lemen Aetna Life agreed and lent.
Bb                          G~
By the way, my fee is 2.6 percent.

C                A
Write again the Riceville widow
  F              C
  S -  A -  S -  E
C                                    A
I would guess they’ll be turned out though
F                    C
I’ll still make my plea:
         F                             G
If the Dunlay heirs cannot be seen to care,
         Bb                                   C
Then the Banker’s Trust will surely think it fair
         Bb                            G~
To not give extensions, as they musn’t dare.
*first solo* backing chords is an exact repeat of ^^^^^^
C                    A
Write Des Moines on several matters
      F      C
And I near anoint,
C               A
Ladle thick the pleasant flatters,
F                  C
And then comes the point;

     F                              G
Mr. Nelson wouldn’t like to hear it said
         Bb                           C
As he’s too proud, so I do it in his stead:
         Bb                       G~
He shall need an extension—so it read.

--------------------------Part 2-----------------------------------------

      Piano line:

*This section I'm not sure on. I believe the song actually goes C#m-Cm-D, but the D is 
low, maybe you could drop the E string to D, but I don't feel like it. So I supplemented 
with F#, which sounds alright. By the way, power chords may be best for this part

C#m                Cm                  F#
--Take the Oregon Short Line to Salt Lake;
take the Pere Marquette, take the Michigan Central,
          Cm                 F#
to West Madison for Christ’s sake.
Forgemen, Molders, Blacksmiths, Boilermakers,
Cm          F#
None on the make.

Up for shade on Crumb Hill
Get something to make my hands still.

But now—Wait.
-------------------------Part 3------------------------------------------

       *begin playing A one meter
How are you my nabs?
Little tender footed crabs,
         D                  A
Meet my knuckle duster.
You geeched that gazoon’s gow
Tried to break into the bow:
    D                   A
Go wipe your nose.

 (A-G#-F#)- quick change, once each

I’m just hanging out with some noler knockums,
Just passing time waiting till my stack comes.

Prussian who got jackered,
My snapper till your knockered,
    D                  A
Get on the snam.
The chivman wants your chip;
Better dummy up then go dip:
             D         A
You’re outta turn.
I learned that the lowest form of life is the buffer nabber,
Even worse than the dicer stabber.

THEN COMES THE SOLO...which I didn't tab--just keep it in A and you're safe. Email any 
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