The Finches - Leviathans Home chords

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Leviathans Home! by The Finches

Capo on 3rd fret


               C                         G
Well, I rode a whale of a love home that night
      C                      G
With a harpoon stuck fast in my side
  C       D            G        Em
I gave no thought to un-healing harms
     C         D       G
As I rode my leviathan home

        C                        G
Let the crabs claw away in their castles
        C                         G
Let the clams clamp away at their boards
        C         D         G       Em
Let the barnacles dip their ghostly ships
        C        D             Em
Let the new tide swallow the shore
    C              D             G
The new tide will swallow the shore

          C                         G
While the crabs cackle out of their confines
          C                    G
Let their sounds sink into the sea
       C            D
'Cause all of these waves
    G         Em
Will smoothly sway
C              D     G
Forming the yes infinitely

    C         D
And all these days
    G      Em
Will blew away
   C           D          G
As soon as you say yes to me

          C                   G
Watch the sun slide under the ocean
         C                     G
Feel the sands stay warm for a while
        C       D
You can hold my smile
       G         Em
You can press my palm
        C       D        G
You can be my leviathan
       C         D        G
I will be your leviathan

          C                        G
While the do-rights waste in their one-rooms
        C                G
Let the do-wrongs hurry along
        C   D             G    Em
Let the renegades and the castaways
C            D         G
Find their leviathans

        C     D
Let the ocean wave
       G          Em
And the sea-spray foam
        C           D       G
May you ride your leviathan home 
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