The Forecast - Heart Healthy tab

Makeshift/Partial Tab....close enough. Forecast songs sound great, and are easy to play. 
They sound good both acoustic and electric. I quickly figured out this song and a few 
on acoustic.

Standard Tuning

Intro & Outro (I'll run across the state line, it's never felt that far...)
e ---0---0---0---|
b ---1---1---1---|
g ---0---0---2---|
d ---2---2---2---|
a ---3---2---x---|
e ---x---x---x---|

Haven't figured out the rest. Similar to Intro/Outro, but uses power chords.

e ---------------------|
b ---------------------|
g ---5-3s555-----------|
d ---5-3s555--55s777---|
a ---3-2s333--55s777---|
e ------------33s555---|

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