The Fratellis - Stragglers Moon tab

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This is my first tab, so it's really just a strum along.
i was able to get some lead parts but none really worth putting on the tab,
so, if your just looking for the chords to strum and sing along with the song, i hope 
does the job.
enjoy :)

                  repeat this part x6


The intro is repeated once after every line in the verse.

E                 F
You can find her scratching around in the dark

E                 F
Just another candle chasing a spark.

E                 F
You can find her screaming along with the ghosts

E                 F
Reminds you she's the one that you needed the most.


I prefer to use barre chords during the chorus, but its up to you

A#               A                Dm
And then you're out there on your own again

A#        A                  Dm
No one believes you when you lie.

A#          A                 Dm
I still see all the old girls now and then

A#           C                 D
Catching the moonlight as they cry.

Repeat the intro x4 before the verse

Second Verse:

The wrong way round's the right way up when she calls
You can laugh but it won't mean nothing at all.
Yes you can find her scratching away in a room
Stumbling round by the light of the stragglers moon.


And then you're out there digging holes again
Six million people can't be wrong.
Some day you'll buy the perfect soul and then
You can get back where you belong.

The solo is backed by the intro, which is repeated x8


And then you're out there on you're own again
No one believes you when you lie.
I still see all the old girls now and then
Catching the moonlight when they cry.

While your strumming the finshing D chord, there is a riff that is repeated throughout 
outro if you want to change between them both as you play. It begins to fade after the 


Hope that was accurate enough :)
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