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The Fray - Fair Fight chords

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Title      :	Fair Fight
Artist     :	Fray
Album      :    Self-Titled

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  Em         F#m          G  
Made it fourteen ity blocks without breathing

    Em    F#m           G            
Light breaks from the left, and hits between the buildings

Stoplights change their name from green to red to green again

Love has its critics but they never keep many friends


It's alright this could be roguh night

 C-Em                            F#m 
So hold tight this is not a fair fight

(Do VErse Chords)
She up and died and left you in a fall you cannot forget
You were to young you said not yet, not yet, not yt
That year the cherries choked from pretty pink to red to brown
You looked around but she was nowhere to be found

/   RoCk En RoLL   \
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