The Fray - Hurricane chords

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Hurricane - The Fray

Capo 4th
Chords without capo: C = E   Em = G#m   G = B

Structure : C/Em/G/G

C     Em     G

Verse 1

C                   Em
She's so fierce and full of that fire
What's the boy to do?
She yells and I crumble,
she's got the power
She's barely five foot two

                 C     Em    G
She's a hurricane            (hurricane)

Verse 2

 C              Em                     G
I see the waves crashing in the harbor just beyond the break
 C               Em                       G
I should run and hide with the others but I can't look away

                C      Em    G
She's a hurricane,           I hear thunder, 
        C    Em     G
Hurrican,           but I won't run, I won't run


I wanna meet her
        Em       G             C
I wanna see her dancing in the street
        C                 Em       G             C
I wanna feel her, I wanna hold her body close to me, yeah, yeah
                     C     Em   G
But she's a hurricane
             C     Em     G 
Oh, hurricane,     yeah,  yeah


C                 Em               G
Lost in the riot, peace and quiet, and the one I lust
C                Em                  G
I'll be buzzing, she'll be mine from dust to dust
                 C    Em     G
She's a hurricane.           Yeah, I hear thunder
       C    Em   G
Hurricane          I won't run, I won't run

C     Em    G X4

Bridge 2

           C     Em             G
The sun is rising, the rain is falling
                            C            Em     G
I wanna give you all that's left of me
I will run 
G                               C     Em    G
I will run into the hurricane

                  C     Em      G
You're my hurricane
        C    Em    G
        C    Em    G
She's a hurricane
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