The Friday Night Boys - Thursday Night Pregame chords

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So don't come back
don't even try
                 C            G
staring at your phone alone tonight
Baby, it's wrong,
it felt so right
            C         G
one last look into your eyes

         Am                     F
One last kiss just like the movies
C                       G
Didn't you think we'd fall all over again
Am             F                C    G
Wait until next summer to get by without
I guess you'll figure it out

Am F    C                       G
Whoa just take it back baby, take it back, back baby tonight
Am F           C                              G
Whoa you got to turn around, turn around, walk right out the door

You don't realize
You can't wait for me
I don't want to see you down on your knees
Just wait another second
I know it's alright
I guess you're gonna get away this time 
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