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The Future Islands - Happiness Of Being Twice chords

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Happiness of Being Twice
by The Future Islands

Tune down a full-step (DGCFAD)
As an alternative, you can use standard tuning and use D#/A#/F instead of F/C/G, but I think the
dropped tuning is a closer approximation to the actual song and gets that bassy feeling better.


F C G x2

F                                   C                G                    F
you walk to the park as the setting sun and sit as a stone til the day is done
                                     C                   G               F
you build us a house from sticks and shrubs and huddle inside til i come home
                              C          G             F
there's a saying where i come from no mistake is truly wrong
                                     C               G               C
as the hole in my heart is where you fit your casual limbs inside my ribs


G                   C
that's what we call life 
        F                C
for the first time i can feel tonight
G                  C          F   C
that's how we fall light
G                   C
that's why we share life
        F            C
for the happiness of being twice
G                C        F
half of a flawed kite

come and catch me
    G             F
i'm razor-like in half-sleep
try and find me
    G                F
i'm deep in the shallows
you can save me from the throes
          G                F
of winter nights in summer clothes
you can have my life, my rose
    G                F        C
for feathers and hallways

G                        F    C 
and you teach me still
G                        F    C 
and you hold me dear
G                        F    C 
you unleash my will
G                             C    
and you always find me here


Tabbed by Devon Reed
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