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The Gaslight Anthem - 1930 Acoustic chords

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The Gaslight Anthem Ė 1930 (acoustic version)

Tabbed by Ossi

Tunning: full step down, but sounds good in standard tuning too

Chords Used:
Am: x02210
F: x33210
C: x32010
G: x55430
C/B: x20010

Intro: Am C C/B x 3  F

Am                            F
  Give me mercy and a minute now. Iíma bleed a little poison 

 C                            G
out. Iíma cry a little river down, then Iím setting this whole 

           Am                                     F
thing on fire. And Iím burning up the night she died. Iím 

putting every last picture aside, Iím gonna say what I need to 

G                               Am
say. In my very last letter to you 'Cause you always made it 

  F                             C
clear, said youíd never be my pain. So hereís to you and your 

  G                                            Am
bright baby blues, just a pause to cool the refrain.

And you said were satisfied, that this body just weighted the 
  C                                                G
tide. And that you missed him sometimes, but you said it's all right, its just a 
whole lot harder alone.

Am C/B F x 3  G

    C                    G                                Am
But I wish you knew her now. Sheís the better side of me now. 
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                      F                             C
Iím doing the best I can. That's what you'da wanted. And I see 
                 G                           Am    
like you were there. I know just how you'd smile. Mary, you 
looked just like, it was 1930 that night.

Am                                F
 But hear the days will eat you alive, but I wonít give in 

  C                                 G
tonight. You said its not worth my time, and not to regard 

    Am                                      F
them. And not to settle just for piece of mind, I could wait 

            C                         G             Am
it out all night, If I just keep breathing  [sigh]  But Mary,

               F                                        C
 I found the sound, and if this heart keeps pouring it out,

The glory hasn't come, and it's probably gonna fade, like a

                        Am                         F
tattoo that hides this shame. But reasons always fade.

The pain gives out some day. So Iím saying my goodbyes to your

 G                                      Am  C/B F
deep blue eyes, cause I donít know how say,     to stay still 

         Am C/B F                     Am C/B F  G
in the pain.     Stay still in the pain.



C  F  C  F (picking)

           C           G            Am
And if I recall the last thing you said to me, before it broke 

C       G                   F
up. Before it took you from me.

           C         G            Am            F
You said I love you more than the stars in the sky, but your 

C  G        Am          F
name just escapes me tonight. 
(Nobody does it like you anymore)

if you have any questions, feel free to contact me!
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