The Gaslight Anthem - Too Much Blood chords

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Tune a whole step down

C // E // Am / G / F / C /

e-|-------------------| |--------------------|
B-|-------------------| |--------------------|
G-|-------5-----------| |--------2-----------|
D-|-7-7-7-5-----------| |-10-7-5-2-----------|
A-|-7-7-7-3---------0-| |-8--5-5-0---------0-|
E-|-5-5-5-----0-0h3---| |-8--5-3-----0-0h3---|

        Am                   C
Are you scared this sounds familiar?
        Am        C             Am             C
What if everybody knew the very trials and temptations
        G             F
That we put ourselves through?
    Am      C           Am             C
Now i am no angel but i got nothing to hide
        Am      C              G        F
Can you say the same thing for yourself tonight?

           C                    E
What can i keep for myself if i tell you my hell?
           Am         G          F           C
What would be left to take to my grave?
And what's left for you, my lover to save?
Am              G           F      Fm
What's left for only you to take?
       C          G            Am     F
If i put too much blood on the page
       C          G            Am     F
If i put too much blood on the page
         C             G               Am                 F
And if i just tell the truth are there only lies left for you
       C          G           C
If i put too much love on the page?

Now as my eternal witness to the pride and the shame
Are you worried i say too much?
Are you scared they'll take me away?
Now i am no devil but i've got things on my mind
And they're gonna come out and they're gonna come up time to time

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