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The Good The Bad And The Queen - 80s Life tab

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Capo on 1st fret
All chords are relative to capo

Intro: D  Bm   G   A

D                    Bm
Where do I see the light
                G        A
It's all gone dead in a way
D                              Bm
'Cause more or less and get on by
             G           D           
My made up thing on the day
D              Bm              G              A
Oh lord can a stone be ballast for an aching soul
D                               Bm
Just learning how to know your mind
           G              D
No hiding out on the way back
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G                       D      G                       D
To get out before I'm feeling you just blow them all away
G                           A                 D
It's eighties' life but it all looks good on you

D                   Bm                   G            A
Suddenly police run out now the hope is found in a sound
D                            Bm               G            D
'Cause I don't wanna live a war that's got no end in our time

G                       D         G                     D
Call it living in this country, call it missing down patrol
G                            A                  D
It's eighties' life and it's all gone right on you
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