The Goodmans - Highland Bird chords

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Intro: Am, C, Am, C, E7

Am                           C                         E7  
It crawls to your head and it never comes out, when it takes you, you feel like 
Am                                                  C              E7
breaking stuff loud. You cant resist it, its like a disease, youre going to be 
in dept and never feel free.

D                     Am              D                Am            D
My friends are asking am i ok? I said im with bird and fly now away. Highland 
     C           B7      Am
bird scratches a mark on me

Am               C                E7                       Am
This morning was burning in hell, little men with axes are running around my 
                          C                 E7
bed, again i found a path to get away, this brown colored animal showed on 
the way

       D         Am                D                     Am            D
It was highland, highland bird, it sing so loud you just have to hear, once 
                                   Am   D                          C
it takes you, you dont wanna stop, cuz its really hot stuff and it really
B7     Am
fuckin rocks

Solo: Am, G, F
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