The Hackensaw Boys - Harvard Square Breakdown chords

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                                     Harvard Square Breakdown - The Hackensaw Boys

From the album "Get Some"

It's a pretty simple, classic bluegrass sound and tempo repeated throughout the entire song:

       Em, G
       Em, G
       D, G

Each line has 8 beats, so it should be played like this:

       G  G  G  G  G  G  G  G
       Em Em Em Em G  G  G  G 
       Em Em Em Em G  G  G  G
       D  D  D  D  G  G  G  G

*I don't know all of the lyrics, but below is a sample of the third verse with the chords listed 
right above the word at which they should be played.

I'm at Harvard Square Station just north of Boston-Town;

Em                               G
   I'm pickin' my banjo and them Yankees gather 'round.

Em                      G
   They wanna hear that high, lonesome sound.

D                              G
Take me back to from where I'm bound.


Tabbed by:  Grease Bandit

December 31, 2013
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