The Heartbreaks - Delay Delay chords

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The Heartbreaks, Delay Delay

B     F# X2 

B                           F#
Has anything that Ive said, resonated with you? 
B                                    E         F#      
I sat there as you bled, from wounds caused by others

B                     F#
You-oo-oo-o-o feature in my thoughts most days,
    A                                   E
You had to become a real man whilst all I do is play
B                                  F#
Yo-ur wicked tongue will make that gi-rl run away
       A                                E
If you didnt mean it tell her so, itís foolish to delay

 B                           F#               
Delay, delay, delay, delay, delay, delay, delay
          A                                    E
If theres something burning in your heart itís foolish to delay

B                     F#
Here we are sat in our little town
B                               E   F#
Well be the pride of it someday           

Pre-chorus then Chorus

B                            F#
Wheen Im feeling wistful Ill head down to the shore
A                                     E
And dwell on things I know I shouldnt care for anymore
B                               F#
Then on to the seafront and Ill buy a hot beverage
B                               F#
Raise my spirits and realise to know you is a privilege 

Pre-chorus then Chorus

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