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The Helio Sequence - Shed Your Love tab

I am attempting to do this by ear, so if you find any mistakes or have any suggestions
my guest and tell me about it.

I'll show the chords first then the tab. These 3 chords are used throughout the

Standard Tuning

Capo 4

e --------x------x------x---|
B --------0------0------0---|
G --------0------0------0---|
D --------0------0------4---|
A --------x------x------5---|
E --------3------7------x---|

Alright, now for the tab.  The picking is pretty quick.  I'm just going to tab how I
but you can fiddle around with it a bunch of ways and it will sound fine. Try to let the
ring.  Especially the open B string.

e --------------------------------------------------------------------|
B ---------0-------------------0--------------0-------------0---------|
G ---------0---------0---------0---------0----0-----0-------0-----0---|
D ---------0-----0-------------0-----0--------4-------4-----4-------4-|
A ------------------------------------------5-----5-------5-----5-----|
E -------3-----3---3---3slide7-----7---7------------------------------|

And repeat.  Sometimes that last part with 5/4/0/0 is played one or two more times, like
the intro for example.  Also, randomly throughout the song, he does a hammer on on that
5 you play.  That's pretty much it.  Like I said, you're welcome to comment on anything 
needs fixing.  Praise is also welcomed :)
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