The Henningsens - American Beautiful chords

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I think this is easier than the original submission before this.
I figured it out from watching them play, There are 2 guitar parts, played by Aaron and Clara.

Guitar1  - CAPO 6  (INTRO):
Dx4        Cadd9x4
Cadd9x3  Gx4     Dx4

Guitar2  - CAPO 1  (INTRO)
Gx4         Amx4
Amx3      Cx4      Gx4

The rest of the song I am doing as Guitar1. I guess you can interpret Guitar2 from Guitar1:
Guitar1 D = Guitar 2 G
Guitar1 Cadd9 = Guitar2 Am
Guitar1 G = Guitar2 C

D                       Cadd9
She puts her boots and bandana on
G                       D
She has a hankerin' for Rolling Stones
D                        Cadd9
She likes her vegetables home grown
A lot like the boy waiting out in the truck

D     Cadd9     G     D

D                        Cadd9
She'll take a hill like Roosevelt
G                        D
Holds up her pants with a bible belt
D                        Cadd9
She cracks em up like the liberty bell
A whole lot of tender and a little bit tough

D          Em                      D
Ooo, ooo, ooo she's a little unusual
D          Em        G
Ooo, ooo, ooo she's American beautiful

D           Cadd9        G        D

Repeats in same pattern for the rest of the song
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