The Hoosiers - Bumpy Ride chords

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Verse 1:
Bb          F        Cm
How does it feel
   Eb                     Bb
To spit out sunny skies?
           F                Cm         
And do you believe it's for real?
            Eb                    Gm
That you've always got it right?
         F             Cm
When the words you had explode,
        Eb              Gm
And you swallow them up whole,
             F              Cm
No you gotta let go let go,
You'll love it when you let go.

Chorus 1:
Bb              F            Cm
It's gonna be a bumpy ride
       Eb                  Bb
But it sure beats standing still.
              F             Cm
I know we can work it out,
         Eb               Gm               
And I've no doubt that we will.
        F                  Cm
When it hurts more than it shows,
             Eb         Gm
It's not the easiest of roads.
        F               Cm
No it's never black and white,
And you can keep your happy life.

the chords continue the same progression throughout.
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