The Human Expression - Sweet Child Of Nothingness chords

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Am              D         F              G                       
Sweet child of nothingness   born into the street
Am                   D           F
The gift of life is all you get
And that is not so sweet
Am                D
The tenement will be your castle
Am                        D                                F
Cut right close and cheap perfume will mark you and you`ll only get 
   G       Am              D
escape by running in your street.

Sweet child of nothingness how you`re gonna rise?
You`re looking up from way down under into indifferent eyes
The hand that reaches out to help will not be there when it takes what it wants and leaves you
Doubled up in pain to make it if you can.

Sweet child of nothingness you`re looking good today
All the men turn and wonder what kind of games you play
Try to catch a rich man`s smile 
Go search for love, girl, find some guy to keep you in the most expensive cage 
then, see if that`s the end  
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