The Isaacs - He Aint Never Done Me Nothin But Good chords

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  G               C
 He ain't never done me nothin'
  G               C
 Done me nothin' but good

 Nothin' but good

 Ooo, ooo ooo,
  G                C
 He ain't never done me nothin'
  G                C
 Done me nothin' but good,
  G           C
 Nothin' but good.

        VERSE 1
  G                             C
 Job was a righteous man, the devil couldn't doubt it.
  G                                     C
 He surely loved the Saviour, there was no doubt about it.
  G                                   C
 But satan cursed his body from his feet to his head;
  G                                  C
 Told him all his children and his cattle we dead.
  G                                 C
 Job's wife said, "Why don't you curse your God and die?"
      G                         C
 But Job said, "Woman, you're speakin' like a foolish child".


        VERSE 2

 I gave my heart to Jesus and I took Him as my Saviour.

 I cast my lots with the chosen ones and I started out to Heaven.

 Soon I was forsaken and my friends left one by one; 

 But the good Lord walked beside me and He never left me alone.

 He feed me when I was hungry,

 He cheered me when I was sad.

 He has been the dearest friend this child has ever had.


        VERSE 3

 History tells of Polycarp who died for the gospel's sake.

 They built a fire around him and they tied him to a stake.

 But the fire could not comsume him,

 So they pierced him with a sword.

 The fire went out, the blood ran down,

 But still he praised the Lord.

 All my years I've served Him, He ain't done me nothin' but good.

 Well, I won't repent and I won't recant, 

 Just tell me why I should.

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