The Janedear Girls - Shotgun Girl chords

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I like to hold your hand up high on a ferris wheel
And how front porch swingin' with you makes me feel, yeah
But when (A) you pull up in your (Bm) big ol' truck
I can't (G) climb up in it fast enough

Cuz I'm your (D) shotgun girl, (G) along for the ride
Your (C) dashboard drummer on a (G) Saturday night
(D) Crankin' up Waylon, (G) Willie and Merle (C) (bass line is F-G)
So (D) throw one arm (G) around me now, honey
We'll (C) sling that gravel (G) just like Bonnie and Clyde (D)
I'd ride with (G) you all around the (C) world
Cuz boy I'm your shotgun girl (D)
Yeah, I'm your shotgun girl

There's not a piece of road 'round here we ain't burned down
Except that stretch that heads on outta town, yeah
(A) Whenever you need to (Bm) feel that freedom
(G) Leave a little room for me

Lead Solo (D)

(D) I'm your shotgun girl, yeah, yeah
I'm calling shotgun baby, yeah, yeah
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