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The Jonbenet - Scratch The Roman Numerals tab

 E -------------------------------------|
 B -------------------------------------|
 G -------------------------------------|
 D -3333--------------6-5-4-------------|
 A -------3333--4444--------------------|
 D -------5555--6666--------------------|

   repeat that ^ 4 times...then....
[ Tab from: ]
 E --------------------------------------------------------------------------|
 B --------------------------------------------------------------------------|
 G --------------------------------------------------------------------------|
 D 3-3-3------------666666---------------------------------------------------|
 A 3-3-3---333333---666666---444444---333333-  < strum this except the 3-3-3-|
 D 3-3-3---555555------------666666---555555---------------------------------|

thats all i got but its the intro and chorus....listen to the song if u can't get the timing....=]
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