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The Joy Formidable - The Greatest Light Is The Greatest Shade chords

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a great song with simple chords

The greatest light is the greatest shade

(Intro): B , Cm , G#m , E , G#m


B                G#m        C#m
A glass   A view      A mirror
E         B
which one
B                        G#m       C#m
distracts like    open      windows 
E          B
in the gusts
F#         E           B
a calm day will come
F#          E
a calm day will

This dream is 
This dream is 
C#m           G#m                     E
This dream is in a telescope now
This dream is this dream is

B,   G#m,    C#m  ,  E   ,   B   ,  F#  ,  E  ,B

ever in bedtime uncovers
go unknown

This fright it grows and misses sinks and floats

A calm day will come
my calm day will

Fever in bedtime covers
go unknown
Until two eyes out of the darkness bring hope close

 B , Cm , G#m , E , G#m

This childish heart won't wait
it dances keeps me awake to think on to think on
you're the greatest light the greatest shade
it means that
I can be happy for you
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