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The Key Of Awesome - Ducked Up Lips chords

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Eb Bb Gb Db Ab Eb
or Capo on 1
This Tab is the same chords 
for "Pumped Up Kicks"

Em G D A [2X]

Em                    G
Rachel was the prom queen
      D                     A
She moved to Hollywood to follow her dream
Em                     G
Of banging Jake Gylen-hal
D                             A  
She spends the day fixating on her minor flaws

      Em                     G
She plans to take an acting class
       D                           A
But first she gets ass, lip, and cheek implants
Em                    G
She wishes she could get back
         D                              A
All the money she paid.   For them to jack up her face

Em                            G
Hollywood chicks with their puffed up lips
Got your eyelids done
Now you look Asian
Em                          G
Hollywood chicks with their beach ball tits
Getting chopped up and tucked
Your lips look like a duck bill

Em                           G
Hollywood chicks donít know when to quit
Itís an addiction
Look at Meg Ryan
Em                              G
Who is giving chicks all these duck up lips?
Well I guess it must be
Dr Asian duck

Em                    G
First I make you feel bad
         D                 A
But like a bellboy I take care of your bags
         Em                     G
Stretch your face and fix your rack
            D                      A
I may be a duck but Iím ainít no quack

     Em                       G
You come in here with normal eye
            D                       A
You leave with a looking like the bride of Frankenstein 
 Em                      G
If you want to look like me
       D                         A
I can duck up your face for a nominal fee

Em                       G
All of Hollywood look a just like me
Make me laugh so hard
Here, you take my card
Em                            G
All my patients will have to pay my bill
When they get duck bills
Plastered to their grills

Em G D A [3X]
(Quack, Quack)
Em G D A  [3X]
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