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The King Blues - The Schemers The Scroungers And The Rats chords

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G G/F# Em7
Cadd9 G D
G G/F# Em7 
A7 D D7
G G7
C A7
G G/F# Em7 Cadd9 


D Cadd9
D Cadd9
D Cadd9
Am C

G                 G/F#     Em7
   Will you still love me,    will you still hug me,
Cadd9       G       D
   When Iím eighty four,
G                 G/F#    Em7
   When Iíve been working    all my life,
A7                      D D7
   And Iím still bloody poor?
G                   G7
   Dust in my lungs,  a broken back,
C                        A7
   Still canít retire it hurts,
            G         G/F#     Em7         Cadd9
   Well Iím   all for workersí rights and that,
              G           D      G
   As long as   I donít have to work,

D                     Cadd9                                G
   So hats off to the schemers, to the scroungers, to the rats,
           D                Cadd9                                        G
   To the ones who sleep on mattresses on the floor, clutching baseball bats,
           D               Cadd9                              G  
   To the beggars and the cheaters and the kings who rise at noon,
          Am                            C                        D
   To the scoundrels, the misfits, the parasites, this oneís for    you,

ďDonít send me on another New Deal course, I can already spell my name, you lot take the pissĒ

Maybe Iíll never shoot a rabbit,
Perhaps Iíll never drink champagne,
But thatís alright with me,
I prefer cider anyway,
Iím happy doing nothing,
They tell me itís all a waste,
But I ainít never seen no 3 piece suit,
With a smile on his face,


ďI searched all the newspapers and made my CV, I swear there just ainít nothing out thereĒ

A 9 to 5, 5 days a week,
Is bottom of my list,
I just couldnít live with myself,
Knowing there was something that I missed,
So donít go telling me ďTake it seriouslyĒ,
Believe me I do,
But lifeís for living, not for working,
And I got better things to do,


[end on G, presumably]
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